About Us

I have been baking something all my life. I started out making homemade biscuits and still do today. But I loved bread. The first sourdough I had was from Todd General Store in Todd, NC and it was baked by Mrs Alma Norris. (I think I remembered her name right.) If not someone out there let me know. This was in the 1980's. We followed her husband home one day after he made a delivery but was to afraid to stop. Besides, I knew she wouldn't give me her recipe and it's not polite to just drop in unannounced. So I started on my adventure to find a recipe that tasted just like hers. It wasn't easy and I went through many trials and errors. But I finally figured it out and have been baking and selling bread ever since.

Talking about trials and errors, when I was still a young girl I baked my first cake for my Papa's family reunion. It wasn't pretty to start with but when I finished putting the icing on it decided to split four ways. Mama made me take that cake and I put in on the table and run. When dessert time came Papa asked " Who made this cake. " I froze cause he was eating a piece of my cake. Then he said "This is the best cake I've had in a long time." If I had been as old then as I am now I would have passed out from nerves. But Papa sure made my day.

Our baking team consists of me, my wonderful husband Henry and my sweet darling grand-daughther, Ashely. I do believe that by the time she gets to be my age, she will be a better cook than I am. Call us, we would love to hear from you. We sell at area Farmers' Markets and would love to meet everyone.
Love from us to you,